Jeff Brandeis

I’m Jeff Brandeis. An established businessman, sales industry expert and business coach, I specialize in results. I’m passionate about business. I’m passionate about helping industry professionals create their own solutions.

Jeff Brandeis sales coaching

Success in Sales

Jeff started his career with 5 years working in CPA firms. During this time he discovered the power of process and began moving in a sales direction. During his award-winning sales career, Jeff Brandeis sold millions of dollars in software, training and services to Corporations, Professional Services companies. He has held a variety of leadership positions in sales and marketing. He attributes his success to understanding client needs, creative problem solving, building relationships and always doing what is in the client’s best interest.

Expanding into Coaching

Jeff went on to manage, train and take responsibiity for the development and growth of several businesses, including managing partnerships and international sales. Jeff grew and produced significant revenue increases, consistently surpassing quota and EBITA. Jeff delivered sales increases as much as 285% during this time.

In 2017 Jeff founded Brandeis Coaching, and the firm has since grown substantially, with an average annual growth rate of 130% per year, over three years. 

Jeff and Trish
Jeff Brandeis sales coaching

The Future is developing

Jeff is continually updating and improving his content in order to expand the business and remain on the cutting edge of innovation and business coaching best practices. Jeff has published hundreds of industry articles, white papers, and books, including the recently released on Amazon, Done Deal! In demand across industry, Jeff is an expert in taking businesses into the future.

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